A better meeting - Imellan, Slack and good manners

As humans, we spend quite a lot of time sitting in meetings. Many meetings and long meetings. We Swedes are well-known throughout the world to create meetings that “costs 2000 Euros to solve problems that costs 20 Euros ”.

Meetings are also among the finest things that mankind invented. We devote time to come closer to each other, share ideas with each other and try to find solutions to improve something together. This is far too valuable not to take seriously.

Can we create better meetings? More engaging? With better content? And better results?

Of course we can.

Along with Innovation Park, Attityd, Information Design and a range of other companies, we have created the event and the community “Imellan”, swedish for inbetween, a meeting place where we experiment with new forms of meetings and digital tools that can elevate them.

The 24th September we held the first open workshop at Innovation Park in Karlstad. About 60 decisionmakers got together to try out new forms of meeting and learn how to use a variety of digital tools to elevate the them. Among other things, they produced short films with their mobile cameras that showed their thoughts on how a meeting might look like in ten years.

The result at the end of the day was that we could send home these sixty people, to their companies and businesses, with completely new impressions on how a meeting 2.0 may be.

Everyday at Sticky Beat we explore how we can improve our meetings, especially since we are situated at four offices, and people from all four offices can be part of a workgroup. Right now the catalyst is Slack, a digital meeting place that allows us to talk person to person, or in channels, share files and create integrations with other digital solutions, such as Trello. To maintain the personal connection we talk to each other via video conferencing, sometimes via just two windows, and sometimes many more than that.

Often we meet in the physical world. We travel by car, train or plane to eachother. For the very best meeting is the one face to face. And we then elevate this physical meeting with some clever digital solutions.

We believe that meetings is incredibly important, not the least to bring each people closer. And meetings tomorrow can get better. That’s what we’re working on.

You can find images and videos from the event here.