Euro Attractions Show in Gothenburg

The advertising agency Shout wanted to develop a mobile app for the amusement park Liseberg. They contacted us at Sticky Beat to develop the app because this is our area of expertise. The mission was not a simple one; to make the queue for Liseberg’s new attraction Helix as entertaining as the attraction itself. Our solution was to create the world’s first synchronized queue entertainment mobile app.

Now the queue at the Helix attraction has gone from not so fun to fun and we have seen additional positive spin-off effects such as, less graffiti in the queue area. During 2015 the Helix app has won prizes in all the competitions it has entered. It has been named as one of the leading global effective ways for adapting to the innovation trend “fast-laning”.

We at Sticky Beat are very proud to have had the possibility to work with Shout and Liseberg on this project. It is rewarding to have developed such a value adding solution for both Liseberg and their clients. We look forward to supporting others with similar challenges.

We now have the opportunity to share this success story about Helix with others at the Euro Attractions Show 2015 in Gothenburg, 6-8 October. What makes this even more special is that Liseberg is right around the corner from this event, where we will also be speaking to a global audience about  the future of digital queue entertainment.

Visit our monter (F228), try out the Helix app live at our monter, and join the many others at our fast-laning presentation or as we like to call it fun-laning!

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Helix awards:
Cannes Lions 2015
Guldägget 2015
Guldnyckeln 2015
Epica Awards 2014