Sticky Beat attends VR hackathon on planetary boundaries

Have you heard of the Anthropocene? Maybe you should have – you’re living in it. The Anthropocene is the geological epoch where us humans are the dominating influence on the earth, its life, and its climate. How do we handle this fact and the responsibility that comes with it? What is our individual and collective impact, and what does it mean to be a human in this epoch?

Stockholm Resilience Centre is a world leading institution on sustainability research and planetary boundaries. They have now taken an initiative to invite digital innovators, film makes, earth system scientists, storytellers, sustainability experts, VR-developers, designers and software developers to an interdisciplinary “hackathon”, to develop a Virtual Reality experience titled “The Anthronaut Experience”.

That whole thing felt like important stuff, so I sent off an application, and to my great delight I was selected to participate in the event, taking place between thursday night and friday night. I’m hoping to get the chance to exchange ideas, create interesting digital interactivity, and to make some difference. Well, what we usually do at Sticky Beat really, only in a more concentrated form!

The result of this hackathon is intended to be developed and presented at the upcoming COP21-meeting i Paris, a UN conference on climate change negotiations.

Read more about “The Anthronaut Experience” here.