Privacy Policy

Sticky Beat and GDPR

We at Sticky Beat collect and store your personal information when you are using our site or if you have signed up for our newsletter. By “personal information” we mean information that directly or indirectly can be attributed to a physical person.

Sticky Beat as Controller

We at Sticky Beat are the Controller of the personal information that are collected on our site and from the receivers of our newsletter (we are responsible for the usage, storage and safety of the personal information that we are collecting). Sticky Beat is Controller in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU nr 2016/679, GDPR).

Lawful Basis

The lawful basis of us collecting your personal information are based on the General Data Protection Regulation’s formulations when it comes to fulfilling the agreement, compliance, law- and authority claims

How will we use the information about you?

Our collection of personal information, your usage of our site and your subscription to our newsletter will be used exclusively for making your Sticky-experience as pleasant as possible and to improve on future developments of our site and newsletter content.

Your personal information might also be used for fulfilling obligations according to laws, regulations, e.g. regarding matters of security. The processing of your personal information might also include contact/conversations and support cases by way of mail, e.g. questions, changes or improvements we implement.

What personal information we collect

The personal information we collect from our list and newsletter subscription list are:

  • Name
  • E-mail

We will store your personal information as long as you choose to be a subscriber of our newsletter.

We will never store or use your personal information for longer durations than permitted by law, regulations, practice or authority decision.

Who will process your personal information?

Your personal information will only be handled or processed by us at Sticky Beat.

Your rights

We are required to correct, complete, block or erase incorrect personal information about you. You can also at any time unsubscribe from our newsletter, which automatically will erase your personal information from our systems.