The energy industry has been associated with negative headlines about pollution and expensive electricity prices for a long time. But it is energy that society runs on. Without electricity, we would be thrown back to the 1800’s. How do you get the people working in the energy industry to be proud of what they do instead of apologizing for themselves? Might a game contribute to this? Not surprisingly, we believe it would.

On behalf of Swedenergy we have developed the mobile game ”Drivkraft” where you can link power sources with electricity-needed locations using different tiles. For example, the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg can get electricity from the hydroelectric power plant in Olofström and Fjällräven Center in Örnsköldsvik can be linked to a wind turbine at Trattberget. The objective is to “light up” the landscape in as few moves as possible. This requires smarts and strategy – like those possessed by the people working in the energy industry.

In total there are 25 courses – one for each province. Your result helps to light up the provinces and eventually all of Sweden. It remains to be seen if the players can jointly manage to light up all of Sweden because there are threats hindering them along the way. One threat is ”great disorder”; which is based on reality. If a major disaster occurs, such as the storm ”Gudrun”, all companies in the industry get together and try to help each other. In Drivkraft a major disturbance means that electricity will be disconnected in a whole province and restarts at 0%. 

The Electricity and Energy industry is based on shifting electricity from where it is produced to those who need it – the customers. Every day the people in the energy industry work with these movements and interconnections. This is what the game is based on.

But how can the game contribute to a positive feeling for the industry you work in? Well, gaming is communication and storytelling. It allows you to interact and get carried away. So for example, if there was a game based on what you do during the day you would be inclined to show it to your children, neighbors and friends. If you worked in the energy industry you might talk to your colleagues and see if they played ”Värmland” and then challenge them to beat your record in Härjedalen. Then you might try to light up Öland together, which has only 5% left of 100%. Engaging in this playful and skillful way evokes the positive spirit in us all!

Of course, even if you do not work in the energy industry, you can play Drivkraft.

Drivkraft is available to download at the App Store and Google Play.

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Questions and thoughts?

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