If all of mankind lived as the average Swede, we would need three planets to support us all. To achieve a sustainable society, we must change our way of life. What would life be like in 40 years if we were to radically reduce energy consumption without compromising on quality of life? Life 2053 has twisted and turned over this question, basing its response on the most recent future research in environmental activities.

Life2053 was developed under the project ”Prototyping the Future” by Green Leap and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), and with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency. The aim was to show what life would be like in a sustainable future.

We at Sticky Beat had the honor of creating the site, or prototype as it was called. It is all about what your life will look like in 2053. First you select your choices, then a situation is created and thereafter you can make new choices based on what you previously selected. The situation scenes created include descriptions of the technological progress hotspots. After clicking through the prototype the results of your environmental footprint are shown.

The prototype is a fairly advanced WordPress solution and designed for desktops and tablets. The design comes from Veryday – one of the world’s leading industrial design companies.

It is usually very dystopian when talking about the future climate. It was therefore interesting to work on this project, which also takes into account the expected technological advances that will contribute to reducing environmental impact. We all have a responsibility for the climate and how we choose to live undoubtedly influences the Earth we leave to our children. At the same time I think we all have felt a hopelessness about the situation; having thoughts such as ”it doesn’t matter what I do, the Earth will not survive in the end”. Using this prototype will show you that there is hope for the future. And that is a good thing because We Love Tomorrow!

Questions and thoughts?

Talk with Anders Hammar, our developer for Life2053. He knows almost everything about the project! You reach him by: